About Us

Soheyla Mirshahi, Ph.D. is an esteemed AI and machine learning authority with a Ph.D. in computer science, possessing a diverse skill set that includes data science, software engineering, and product leadership. Her area of expertise is mostly in putting GenAI into production, time series prediction, and machine learning.

Soheyla has led the charge in groundbreaking AI/ML initiatives, from the creation of advanced AI assistants using Large Language Models to the improvement of anomaly detection systems, ensuring data observability, and optimizing demand forecasting models.

Sina Mirshahi is a PhD candidate in artificial intelligence. During the last decade, he has been a distinguished AI Developer working on industry-level projects in Austria and the Czech Republic. His areas of expertise are computer vision, time series forecasting, and advanced industrial data analytics. He was a lecturer in a master’s program for various A.I courses in the Czech Republic.